Clean, Fresh Meats from Springbok Butchery.

    Clean, Fresh Meats from Springbok Butchery.

    We at Springbok Butchery have been making a huge effort for a long time now, to bring you the cleanest & freshest meats we can here in the UAE. Our meats are prepared fresh each morning at our butchery and sent straight out to our clients that day, keeping them as fresh as possible.

    Our Meats...

    All our meats are Australian grass-fed meats, fully gluten free, free of hormones and antibiotics. We also provide a range of South African meats on request.

    Our butchery team take love and care when preparing all meats each morning, making sure you get the freshest, most premium meats possible.

    Tenderloin Fillet…

    Aged to perfection, hand trimmed and cut, our tenderloins are the best around. Our tenderloins are of high quality – tender, centre cuts with enough marbling for a wonderful taste.

    Chicken Breasts…

    We work with an accredited local supplier in the UAE, having all our chicken delivered to us fresh each morning. All chicken is gluten free, free of hormones and antibiotics and has never been frozen.

    Beef Mince…

    One of our best selling and most durable products. Our beef mince can go into any meal you fancy; gourmet burgers, cottage pie, lasagne, Bolognese, meatballs or whatever takes your fancy.

    If you would like to give us a try, we offer 10% all FIRST-TIME order through our brand-new ordering app. We also welcome orders through our Facebook page, by phone call or what’s app message. Contact our customer specialists Jen and Mary Rose, who will answer any questions you might have.

    What’s app: 056 - 525 8608
    Phone: 02 – 6228163

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