Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure our customers have all the information they need to make ordering meats from Springbok Butchery and easy and straight forward as possible. If any of your questions are not answered, please drop us a message and we will be happy to answer it. Contact us

1Where do I order?

Answer: You can order from any of our platforms:

Our Facebook page – PM us on our page and we will come straight back to you.

Our website shop – Order through here and will we will let you know as soon as we receive the order.

Our App – We have just released our brand-new ordering app. You can download this through the App store or the Android store. (10% off on your first App order!)

You can download our new app HERE

Phone – If you prefer just to give us a call, please do we would love to hear from you. 02 – 6228163

What’s app – If you want to give us a simple what’s app message, please do also, we will respond as soon as we see the message. 056 – 5258608

2Where are your meats from?

Our meats come mostly from Australia, with a small amount of meats coming from South Africa.

3Is your meat fresh or frozen?

All our meats are fresh and are prepared fresh each morning in our butchery. All meats can be frozen if needed.

4How to thaw frozen meats?

When it comes time to prepare your frozen beef, lamb or chicken, you have a few options.

The Fridge
The best way to thaw frozen meat is by leaving it overnight in the fridge. It’s a slow process, but that allows for an even thaw and keeps the meat at a cold, safe temperature (below 5 degrees C). Allow around 16 hours for a typical 1.5 kilo roast. After thawing, if left in the fridge beef will stay safe for 3-5 days. Be sure to place a plate or tray under the meat when it is thawing, just in case it leaks.

The Sink
Sometimes that kind of advanced planning isn’t feasible. In that case, your sink can speed things along. Fill the sink with enough water to completely immerse the sealed packages. Place the meat (still in its sealed plastic package) into the water, replacing with fresh cold water every 30 minutes. Plan on it taking about 30 minutes per 500g to thaw using this method. Keeping the beef below 5 degrees C is the key to safe defrosting over a longer time period, avoiding the growth of bacteria, so be vigilant about changing the cold water.

Quick thawing requires quick cooking, so plan to cook the meat immediately after its water bath. Chilled water thawed meat can be kept in the refrigerator briefly but is best prepared as soon as possible.

It seems nowadays we are so used to fast foods, and defrosting meat in the microwave seems a quick and effortless way, right? But be mindful that even on defrost the meat is been cooked, so aim to turn the meat in the microwave every 1-2 minutes to ensure even defrosting and to avoid the meat cooking on the hot spots

5Are your meats fully clean?

Yes, all our products are fully clean.

All our beef & lamb is Australian grass fed and free of hormones and antibiotics. No fillers or additives are added to sausage and burgers.

All our chicken is from a local accredited UAE farm and free of hormones, antibiotics and have never been frozen.

All our products are free of MSG.

6What part of the body does Sirloin come from?

In a common Australian or South African butchery, the steak is cut from the rear back portion of the animal. See a clear image of all parts of the animal below and where the different cuts come from.

7What kind of marination do you have?

Our margination is made of the following ingredients:
Brown sugar, Paprika, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Lemon juice, Oregano, Salt & Water.

8Are your products HALAL?

Yes, all our products are HALAL.

9When is the delivery?

If you order before 9pm, you will receive your order the following day.

10What are your delivery times?

Delivery times range from roughly 11am – 6pm.

11How will I know what time the delivery will come at?

Our delivery driver will call you on the morning of your delivery to agree a suitable time frame to do the delivery.

12How do I pay?

You can pay by cash, card or cheque.