Our Story

Springbok Butchery has been delivering clean, fresh meats throughout the UAE since 2009.
We are proud to say we are the UAE’s #1 premium butchery.
We are also the UAE’s #1 outdoor catering supplier for BBQ’s, Spits and Smoked Meats.

Who we are & our team

Although our name is synonymous to South Africa, we are very much a butchery for all nationalities based around the UAE. Our company was started by South Africans but has grown into a multinational owned company with directors from New Zealand and the UAE. Each of these have a passion for offering the best meats you can find, as well as top quality customer service. Our great team is made up of varying nationalities and we are proud to say we have some of the most fantastic staff in the UAE.


What we do

We are the #1 premium butchery in the UAE, with over 3000 clients. We deliver fresh, clean meats to clients in Abu Dhabi 7 days a week, Dubai 6 days per week and Al Ain 1 day per week. With Springbok Catering we are the experts in all things Braai! We specialize in BBQ’s, Spits and Smoked Meats, and we don’t mind saying we are pretty dam good at it.



We have always loved meat, but have always been conscious that not all meat is good. We take love and care in sourcing clean, fresh meat that is free of hormones, antibiotics and MSG with no fillers included. Our meats always arrive fresh to your door, prepared that morning, allowing you to freeze if needed.